Some people are Not Built to Make it.

Failure is a never-ending pandemic.

Some people are not built to make it.

The sentence could end there, but you came all this way so I suppose I’ll entertain you. You may have heard folks say success looks different for everyone, which is just another way to give everyone a trophy for participating. We all recognize success when we see it, lets not be intellectually dishonest. Humans are not as different as we would like to be — we all want disposable income, desirability, purpose, and good people in our lives — at minimum, this is success. The greater part of society will never achieve the aforementioned, the average person will never reach their greatest potential. Some people are too witless, unfortunate, dismal or just whack. It’s interesting how failure is more common than success, failure is a pandemic that never ends, everyday someone catches it and doesn’t recover, yet most people are uncomfortable calling it out. You feel guilty about looking around at the people you love the most and realizing they may not make it. Everyone cannot make it, and once you realize that, maybe that will be your motivation to do everything in your power to make sure you are one of the people that do.

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