Your Soulmate is a Degenerate, Sorry Toots.

This is for men too.

What if your soul mate is from hell? A reincarnation of someone who sinned so greatly the devil thought it would be hilarious to watch the person have another go at the whole life idea. We always assume a soul mate is some lofty being that couldn’t wait to show us all the magnificence of love that we have been missing. But what if the person you share a soul with happens to be a beautiful degenerate? And because they are your kindred spirit, they know exactly how to pull and shake you into submission. They carry the charm of a child incapable of processing the spills, the tares, the chaos, and they find themselves wondering why everyone is bothered by it all. You find yourself in a perpetual state of awe as they gumshoe around life stirring things up and laughing through the mischief. I don’t come from the ilk who believe all love is pure; on the contrary, love can be tainted and still be love, love can be edgy, some folks like a thrill — it makes them feel alive. I’ve known couples that have been together for decades yet the union is riddled with the type of abuse that would make a Lifetime movie blush. Before your heart eyes crack in the face of this possibility, consider this notion not so bad, at least now you know. Now you’re prepared for the potential demon you can’t help but love. 

Be safe out there.

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