The Time I Woke Up in Pound Town.

Why do men commit?

Unbeknownst to me, I had relocated to Pound town over night. One day I was single and doling out vagina at my leisure, sparingly, and the next day I was shackled to a penis machine, also known as my new boyfriend. I call him a penis machine because at one point I forgot there was anything more to him then penis pirouettes.

From the moment I agreed to committing to our union, I guess I had simultaneously agreed to being his sexual punching bag as well. There wasn’t a moment my poor putty-cat wasn’t being subjected to constant plunging, a three times a day, minimum, adventure. I quickly gained Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and would flinch every time someone would so much as gently tap me on the shoulder.

One night, after hours of gymnastics with the machine-man, it hit me hard, it was a conspiracy! A great deal of men sign up for relationships because there is the perk of consistent sex, consistent good sex. It was like agreeing to take a job because of their benefit package. 

I had been had!

Now there is some humor here, but think about it, what are the top three reasons you think the average man commits to a relationship? 

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