Get Your Ads Out of Here!

6 min read

The average American sees 5,000 to 10,000 ads a day.

What is the best way to earn the affection of the consumer? Advertisers understand that they must get creative and/or show real value when marketing to the average American if they want to earn new business against the sea of competition.

In today’s society it is common for laymen to be advertisers; starting a business or reaching celebrity status is more achievable now than ever, because of that we have all become walking advertisements searching for the next opportunity. With the internet as a launch pad to all conceivable dreams, many have resolved to doing the most attention-seeking things and degenerate activity imaginable to be seen. We’ve seen folks jumping into caskets at funerals, performing fellatio on cucumbers, and revealing it all on sex tapes; anything for a chance at gaining eyes.

Sometimes the road less traveled isn’t traveled much for a reason.

Different doesn’t always mean better. The best way is usually through perfecting your craft, brand, idea, pitch etc. The best way to stand out is usually through becoming the best. This isn’t easy, but it is worth it, and a more sustainable attention in the long run.

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