Heartbreak? Family Drama? Career Confusion? I Have the Answer to All of Your Problems.

Short, sweet, and simple.

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If you know where your values lie, there is no such thing as a difficult decision.

I’m not going to whisper jazzy stories in your ear today, lets get straight to the help you need.

While I am aware that every issue isn’t neatly cut, I do know that we over-complicate life most of the time. We often struggle to make decisions because they conflict with what we know we should do versus what we would like to do. Even the most complicated issues, I believe, can be resolved by using the value method.

Most decisions boil down to a value judgement.

Do an appraisal of your life, rate the significance of the things, people, and ideas that make up your lifestyle, then — rearrange, remove, reconsider and decide whether they align with what matters to you and who you would like to be in this world.

The best way to practice strong discernment is by having a rubric of values that guide you, hold your choices up to it, then settle accordingly.

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